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Call  Tannya @ 916-897-1670   8-5 pst
or email at [email protected]

Artists: % Discount per contract
Distributor % Discount per contract

Retail:  40% Discount

Fundraiser: 20%

Returnable - Yes
Shipping - Not covered
Terms - Prepaid


Once we have your information we will send an invoice for payment with all discounts applied.

The books will be  ordered once payment is recieved. 
Please allow  a 2 week lead time for orders , unless we have them on hand, please inquire. 

If you need rush there is an extra charge. Please let me know in the special detail area.

If you have other questions please click here.

For returns please fill in the form with same contact information as ordered with.

Put information in the details box about the books being returned and the orginal Invoice number. 

Put the negitive number with the quantity and the  formats being returned.  

Once we have received the books we will issue a refund. 

Ordering Key:

HC - Hardcover

SC - Softcover

DY HC - Hardcover Dyslexic Font

DY SC - Softcover Dyslexic Font

Book Title & Quantity - Example:

Pat the Bat - HC 2,  SC 3,   DY HC 5,   DY SC 2

If you need more than the space provided you can put other titles in the Special detail space or fill out a new form. 

If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected]