Amy Gelsthorpe -  Author
​I Love Outside & Star Fishing

As a full-time writer/stay-at-home mom, Amy has been happily married to her husband Kyle since 2002. Amy has three children: Madelynn, Reese, and Delaney. Amy has often heard it said that "being a mom is like having your heart walk around outside your body", and she experiences that feeling everyday as she loves her children.  She lives in a small community in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Christmas is her favorite holiday. She’s known to get a "tiny" bit carried away decorating for Christmas- and then guilty of blowing up her blog with pictures of it all!!! - (If you google her, you may or may not come across an article titled “ The Christmas Tree Lady”.) She  has a couple of cute dogs too. Copper (an adorable little Pomeranian) and Darla Daisy (the misunderstood Red Lab)… She wrote her first book in 5th grade... It's a book of children's poems that she treasures to this day.  Being a children’s book author is Amy’s dream come true.
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