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Dare to Dream
All of our books are available in Dyslexic Font


Authors and Illustrators

We are open to submission of  picture books, and small chapter books

​If you would like to be concidered for 2019 and on please submit your manuscript below. (No agent needed)

We are accepting portfolios and promo cards from children's book illustrators.  

Current Needs: Looking for all different holiday stories in any and all culture, books about cultural traditions, diversity stories, and simply fun and whimsical stories.

At MCP, we teach tolerance and understanding by educating people about the beautiful differences in this world.  ​

All our books are published in both 'traditional' font, as well as a special font for those with dyslexia

  1. Author Manuscripts
    Children's Picture Books
    SUBMISSIONS for 2019: We are accepting manuscripts for children's picture books and small chapter books. Please allow up to 12 weeks for a response. Thank you for your patience. Please submit: Doc format
  2. Illustrator Online Portfolios
    Children's Picture Books
    OPEN SUBMISSIONS: Seeking illustrators for children's picture books. Please submit your online portfolio to:
  3. Illustrator Promo Cards Submissions
    OPEN SUBMISSIONS: We are accepting promo cards for children's picture books. Please submit to: Art Director 620 Buchanan Way Folsom, Ca 95630
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