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Middle Grade Books 

 Ollie Sparks & The Ghost - MG 

Release Fall 2017
Written By Lisa Schmid
Illustrator Christy Underwood

A middle grade story-    
When your best friend is a ghost, who knows what adventures you might have!

Twelve-year-old Ollie Sparks is tired of moving from town to town. Every time his mom gets a new job, Ollie and his drama queen sister have to pack up, and he never seems to make any friends. His life has always been a little strange, but it’s about to get… weird.

First of all, the new house is PINK. His mom’s friends are some kind of pirate and a loony psychic. And the town bully seems to have it out for Ollie. So when he meets Teddy—a great kid who just happens to be a ghost—Ollie figures that he’s seen it all.

But when Teddy mentions buried treasure, Ollie, and his new friend—the ghost set off on an adventure that is sure to change everyone’s lives!