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  1. Tommy Toe
    Tommy Toe
    By Peter Frazier Illustrated By Makarand Desai What kid doesn’t entertain visions of growing up to become something or somebody else? Careful consideration and reflection convinces Tommy that maybe it’s OK to be himself…but not before he cons his audience into believing that to be a tomato might be the way to grow up. Or possibly a potato? Release Date 5/9/17
  2. Hush that Hullabaloo!
    Hush that Hullabaloo!
    By Donna Marie Merritt Illustrated By Chris Demarest Hush That Hullabaloo! is a rollicking, rhyming, read-aloud set in Scotland, full of Scottish words that will delight readers as they repeat the catchy phrases and imitate a Scottish brogue. Grandpa Goose is grouchy as the lads and lassies make a mess in his "hoose" and lots of noise—a hullabaloo! Grandma soothes him with the refrain, "Wheesht, wheesht, / It's only the wee ones. / Wheesht, wheesht, / Only the wee ones." Can you figure out what the hullabaloo is all about before Grandpa Goose does? Release Date 6/20/17
  3. Fixit The Dragon
    Fixit The Dragon
    By TL Derby Illustrated By Anna Leliwa About a Dragon that Dreams of being the boss of the fix it shop in the castle, but finds himself lacking in the speed department. When the opportunity presents itself Fixit will have to find it in him to over come his personal obstacles to get what he wants. Release Date 7/11/17
  4. Goober Man
    Goober Man
    By Peter Frazier Illustrator Emily Wilson Funny, funky, and inspiring for youngsters who choke on the very thought of vegetables or anything green appearing on a dinner plate! Nobody questions the popularity of peanut butter, a favorite food for young and old and a staple in almost every pantry. And who wouldn’t welcome this midget as a culinary companion? Release Date TBD
  5. Wonder Wheels
    Wonder Wheels
    By Shawnie Clark Illustrator Burcin Karamuco Ride with Kobe in Wonder Wheels. Zooming along like a super hero, he goes to places he never dreamed! Release date TBD
  6. Crazy Crab
    Crazy Crab
    By Mark C. Evans ​Illustrator Steve Page Steve is no ordinary hermit crab; he is the world's best seller of shells. But his dream to go to space causes his family and friends to call him a crazy crab—until an opportunity washes up on shore. Can Steve compete against seasoned space explorers such as dogs, monkeys and mice? Release Date 8/22/17
  7. Mama Graciela's Secret
    Mama Graciela's Secret
    By Mayra Calvani Illustrator Sheila Fein Mamá Graciela had a restaurant called La Bahía, a little run-down shack by the beach. La Bahía was famous! Mamá Graciela’s bacalaítos fritos were the best in town. Oh yes. People came from miles away to eat her TENDER, CRUNCHY, SPICY bacalaítos fritos. “How do you make them?” asked her customers. “It’s a secret!” said Mamá Graciela. Release Date TBD
  8. The Bath of Least Resistance
    The Bath of Least Resistance
    By Gregory E. Bray Illustrated by Steve Page ​​ THE BATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE is the story of a puppy named Bogie who discovers paint for the first time and enjoys the look and feel of it. His brother finds the paint-covered puppy and decides to clean him up before their parents get home. What will it take to get Bogie into the bath? Is he destined to remain a paint-covered pooch forever? Release Date TBD
  9. I Love Outside
    I Love Outside
    By Amy Gelsthorpe Illustrated By Janet King When Alice decides to move her bedroom outside, she doesn’t consider the lurking creatures or consequences . . . she can only imagine never having to be inside again! Release Date TBD
  10. Star Fishing
    Star Fishing
    By Amy Gelsthorpe Illustrated By Janet King When Billy decides he wants to know what stars are made of, he ventures out to catch one of his own. Billy doesn’t think the obstacles involved when one attempts to catch a star . . . Release Date TBD
  11. LaDonna Plays Hoops
    LaDonna Plays Hoops
    By Kimberly Gordon Biddle Illustrator Heath Gray This is an inspirational story of a young girl visiting her grandma. She wants to become the family hoops star, but does she believe in herself enough? Release Date 9/12/17
  12. Solar Polar
    Solar Polar
    By Kim Constantinesco Illustrated By Jessica Evans Solar the Polar is a fun winter romp about a snowboarding polar bear and a skier girl who is missing her legs below the knee. This tale gives a gentle nod to Arctic warming, snow safety, and enjoying a life with a disability. Winter is no time to hibernate, so go for a ride with the polar inside. Release Date TBD

Other Titles in Development

The Power of a Dream
Release Date TBD

Written By Linda Covella

Illustrator Debbie Bolton
The Power of a Dream tells of a little-known part of U.S. history when, in 1775, some of the first Spanish settlers embarked on a colonization expedition from Mexico to California led by Captain Juan Bautista de Anza.
Meensy Mice
Release Date TBD

Written By Donna Marie Merritt
Illustrator Ed Heck

Meensy Mice follows the rambunctious adventures of mischievous mice who use a family's house as a playground at night.
Bug Off
Release Date TBD

Written By Shawnie Clarke
Illustrator TBD

Peter had the weight of the world on his shoulders when his family moved to a new town. Things were even heavier when the school bully came calling. Life would never be the same due to one of the ugliest bugs inching onto the scene and one simple act of kindness. 

Nat the Rat​​
Release Date TBD

Written By KD Chapman

Illustrated by Kelly Stribling Sutherland

The second book from the
series of Pat the Bat

Pat and Friends early readers. 

Finding Engelbert's Feet
Release Date TBD

By Josie Montano 
Illustrator TBD
Engelberta thinks she can’t dance.  She can’t even skip. Her left foot thinks it’s her right one. Her right foot thinks it’s her left one. Her arms jiggle about out of time like an octopus’ tentacles.
Her feet don’t have beat and she just can’t dance. Engelberta can’t find her feet.
A New Book for Jack
Release Date TBD
Written By Lois Lunsford

Illustrated by Yeng Yang 

A story about a boy's journey to find courage with the help of has friends, his family and from God.  
Release Date TDB

By TL Derby
Illustrator Steve Page  

The Big Race
Release Date TDB

By Kristen Sheppard   
Illustrator TBD    

Mr. Blue
Release Date TDB

By Peter Frazier  
Illustrator Sibu Puthenneettil    

A mysterious mix of fantasy and fact in young Jonah's portrayal of his dramatic encounter with a massive blue whale.  He leaves us wondering, was this truly a dream?
Mythical, imaginary or not, the experience leaves the boy with a profound fondness and respect
For the enormous, benevolent sea creature.   Indee, it shapes the way the Jonah   will view   and interact with whales for the rest of his life.   The audience also learns tons about blue whale behavior and characteristics.
Wrinkle In my Socks
Release Date TDB

By John Smith   
Illustrator TBD    
One need not be a skier to appreciate the uncomfortable inconvenience posed by discovering a wrinkle
in one’s sock…any sock…any sport…especially when racing the clock to get dressed in time to catch the bus…any bus!  Doesn’t help to have an impatient, big brother pacing in the hall, or a watchful Mom waiting downstairs.  Includes fun rhyme and counting time!

The Bunny Poets
Release Date TBD

By Barbara Toboni    
Illustrator Sandy Ferguson Fuller     
Poet Percy and his best friend, Bonny, enjoy a springtime picnic outing and  create  a  bunny  poem  together. This  lively  story will inspire many youngsters  to pen  a poem of their own.

Nifty Thrify
Release Date TBD

Written By  Sandy Ferguson Fuller    
Illustrator Jan Dolby 
Over the last decade, people everywhere have discovered popular shopping at “second-hand” stores, originally from necessity and eventually by choice.  Stores similar to Thrifty are now a dime a dozen!  This story celebrates the value of recycled goods and prudent spending for kids.  

Middle Grade Books 

The Ghost and Ollie Sparks - MG 

Release Fall 2017
Written By Lisa Schmid
Illustrator TBD

A middle grade story-    
When your best friend is a ghost, who knows what adventures you might have!

Twelve-year-old Ollie Sparks is tired of moving from town to town. Every time his mom gets a new job, Ollie and his drama queen sister have to pack up, and he never seems to make any friends. His life has always been a little strange, but it’s about to get… weird.

First of all, the new house is PINK. His mom’s friends are some kind of pirate and a loony psychic. And the town bully seems to have it out for Ollie. So when he meets Teddy—a great kid who just happens to be a ghost—Ollie figures that he’s seen it all.

But when Teddy mentions buried treasure, Ollie, and his new friend—the ghost set off on an adventure that is sure to change everyone’s lives!