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About Us

Tannya L. Derby - Founder and Art Director

I am a children's book Publisher, Author and Illustrator. As well as, an Art Director for Clear Fork Publishing.  I have found my love for writing and art is my joy in life so I made it my career. Now I help others to make their dreams come true. I am not only educated with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment and an MFA In Creative Writing, as well as, pursuing my second Masters Degree in Illustration, I am also an autodidact in illustrating, screenwriting, and painting for over 20 years. 

My love for art and writing began in my childhood with drawing and painting pictures with my mother and writing small stories. As a children's book author and Illustrator, I am able to incorporate my artistic ability and my writing skills together to create a life long career of magic. 

I am also a published poet of “Trying Hard to Understand” and "Dance the Dance."  In November 2015, I proudly self-published my first book, "Joy of Sisters"  which was a personal project. 

Having my art and writing studio in my home, I am surrounded by the love and support of my wonderful husband Todd and our children, which makes it easy to enjoy the work I do.

At this time, I am focused on Publishing others works of art, as well as, writing and illustrating children's books for myself.

Todd J Derby​ - Editor 

Chris Casias - Intern